Taiwan 1

Finally, it is only one day left till my trip to Taiwan. Application process seems like it was yesterday but actually it was four months ago. I was selected as a participant in SAYTAIWAN project, two week Homestay program as a part of 100th Anniversary’s celebration.

-The official SAYTAIWAN logo

In order to explain briefly where I am going now, let’s make one brief introduction.

Although Taiwan had experienced many different rulers and civilizations (Aboriginal tribes, Chinese Dynasties and Japan rule) today’s political organization Taiwan received after the Chinese civil war (1950). The followers of the Chinese Nationalistic Party (Kuomintang) refused flatly to accept election defeat and organization of country according with Communist principles. About two million people (most of them Chinese economic elite and intellectuals) were evacuated from mainland China to island Taiwan. Very soon, Republic of China was formed there with Taipei as its capital and more than 2 million people living in the biggest island Taiwan and four another tiny island groups.

 Despite intense political tension with the mainland Chinese authorities, Taiwan managed a high economic progress in the last 40 years. Together with the treasure which refugees had brought from mainland China in 1950, Taiwanese economic concept based on the principles of free market and entrepreneurial strength has managed to include its economy in the category of the Asian top developed country (famous as “Asian Tigers”). To be more concrete, I am sure you could guess that Taiwanese primary and the most developed sector is high technology research and production, together with textile and agriculture industries. Additionally, one significant part of revenue, Taiwan receive from natural resources (petroleum refining, coal..).

-The most known Taiwanese brand globally

Further, the geography of Taiwan is similar to respective one of Greece. But more amazing is how so many different natural phenomenons are located on one island. In that manner, Taiwan is very well-known for its high mountain. So you can experience mountain adventure and after that enjoy on the wonderful tropic beaches around the island. Equally important are eight National Parks with their unique flora, fauna, and earth complexity. For example,  Yangmingshan National Park in Taipei suburban is famous for its volcanic landscape.

 -From mountain and urban agricultural ranges…

…To tropic beaches

And finally, let’s devote some sentences to my host family and part of country. Although I was one of the latest who received info about my host family, they were very quick and informed me about all the details. My host brother and sister are very polite and together we have planed the entire schedule regarding my 14 days in Taiwan. I am looking forward to meet all them and I am sure we will have a great time – in Yunlin County (south-western Taiwan), and in other parts of Taiwan as well.

-My hosts, family Wu in Yunlin County

Stay tuned! After this short introduction about the most important aspects of modern Taiwan, I will update stories every day about my experiences.

 Let’s experience together Taiwan!

 Milenko, 09.08.2011.

P.S. Enjoy! We are arriving in Taiwan!



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One Response to Taiwan 1

  1. Bojan says:

    Milenko, thank you for this beautiful introduction. Taiwan is really amazing. It sounds like a surreal country, thanks to your excellent depictions. Bring us some new and interesting stories from Taiwan. 🙂

    All the best!

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