Taiwan 2

Well, finally from Taiwan!

Trip from Europe was long (Zagreb – Frankfurt – Hong Kong – Taipei) but Lufthansa service was excellent. The German way of hospitality with high quality is one of my favorite combinations. The flight Frankfurt – Hong Kong lasted around 14 hours, which SayTaiwan clique tried to organize as much as interesting in order to not get tired from this long trip. For example, Misha from Ukraine presented me all his knowledge about alcohol. Since I liked a liqueur he recommended to me, I rate this knowledge with 10 ;-).

The Hong Kong Airport will be always remembered by searching the desk E13 in order to take the boarding pass for Taipei. After 30 minutes tour around, we four finally had made it and then headed to plane directly. This flight with China Airlines passed very quickly, together with Chinese spaghetti meal which I didn’t like. Today I figured defiantly that it was mistake only with this particular meal! In general the Chinese meals are very delicious!

Meal in the China Airlines

We finally came at Taipei Airport and experienced the cultural shock! Almost everything was different. I even have never experience so big hospitality anywhere in the world. It was something unique in it. After completing some bureaucratic duties we finally met Alice, girl we were interacting with in the last four months. Since she didn’t upload any of her photos anywhere on web, everyone’s first question upon landing in Taipei was:”Where Alice is?”

– Finally at Taipei Airport

Further, kind volunteers gave us instructions how to reach main railway station from where we took a high speed train to our parts of countries. Here was very funny to see all rice fields and our first conclusion that Taiwan has problem with flood. Hm, fortunately those are only rice fields.

My host sister and host father were waiting on me on the train station. My host sister’s English is on proficiency level so it was very easy to communicate with her during the trip by car to home. We utilized this experience to meet each other better and now even personally. She and host father answered every my question with every detail and proved me the unbelievable and unique kindness again!

-At Chiayi Railway station

We arrived home and I met my host mother. Another host sister and brother came home one day later. It was a high time for my first challenge – trying to eat with chop sticks. Host father was a excellent teacher and I even manage to take three pieces of meat from our common plate. Good step for beginning but my host family bought forks in order to facilitate my eating. I didn’t know that they never use forks!

After the wonderful dinner, I was very tired due to trip and fell asleep quickly. Sleeping over 10 hours was really needed due to 20h long trip and 6 hour time zone differences.

Day started again with very delicious breakfast with my host mother and host father and small 2nd lesson of using chop sticks. Today I didn’t make it very well so using forks was necessary. But I won’t give up!

Since  my host brothers and sisters were not at home, GOOGLE TRANSLATE helped us significantly in communication. I understand very thing what my host parents were talking to me, and I to them! It works!

-With my host father and mother

Chop sticks usage lesson

Before the arranged barbeque party, one other host family of Italian boy picked me up and we together visited one nice pastry shop. Fabiano speaks pretty good Chinese what helped me significantly in understanding different completely new things I have seen. Check some of the places we visited together:

-Sweets in Taiwan with Italian guy’s hosts

-Local town Beika

-Tao temple

-Seashell producing

-Barbecue party

Evening barbeque party started and two other host families from our town joined us (American and Italian guy’s hosts). Many foods were served and after some hours of chatting and laughing, time for sleeping came.

But just before that, I scheduled my program for Taiwan with my host brother and sisters – now as a full family. Again I was amazed with their kindness and willingness to make my experience in Taiwan unforgettable.

Taiwan, 13.08.2011.


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  1. Gil Sotto says:

    nice…very well written. I was like surpise and excited reading your blog thinking what will happen to you the next days..lol. You certainly doing pretty good and you did adjust the the cultural shock. Thanks to the great hospitality of your foster parents and friends in Taiwan.

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