Taiwan 3

Sunday morning started very dynamically! I brought some of the best sweets from Serbia and Bosnia and with them prepared a small ethno party to my host family. All together were gathered after the working week and another three friends of my host sister Yaling joined us too.  It was amazing to realize how many differences are between Asian and European tastes in general. The Serbian smoked sausages were different than the same Asian plus many sweets which don’t exist in the Asian market.

I am very satisfied that my host family and another guests really enjoyed our food. Together with the traditional Serbian ethno music in background I gave small gifts to my dear host family.

The end was reserved for the national Serbian dance, called “Uzicko Kolo”. Everyone was almost brilliant, with the special praise to my little host sister. She made it better than one girl from the “heart of Serbia” would.




Unfortunately, the Serbian breakfast party needed to be finished but new adventure had been waiting on us – The Amusement park! The extremely popular way of entertainment in Asia surprised me with one unexpected conclusion. I couldn’t believe that Chinese teenagers (8-12 years old) without any fear hurry to take a ride on the most extremely parts. For example, one of them throw group of people down in the hole of 100m (from the height of 120m) and after that quickly turns the train back by rotating in every possible direction. I am sure that in Europe, there are not so much teenagers who would dare to try something like that.

The best way to describe how the fall from 200 m heights is, to recommend the same. That feeling of helplessness and lack of time as a category, is really “a must” experience. At least, for everyone who search to experience one another dimension of human being.

Not only had these extreme facilities attracted our attention to! The water park facilities were equally entertaining and again attracted my admiration to young Chinese and to their brave. Taiwan, definitely you have a future – my respect!

Very satisfied with all experience from Amusement Park we headed to one city in Yunlin County to visit the famous celebration of the Ghost Festival according with the Tao and Buddhist tradition. More concretely, they believe that during the August ghosts of all ancestors come to the Earth. In order to satisfy them, every family prepares a huge amount of food, especially on second Sunday of August. In the same manner, the big celebrations composed by many small stage events, have as a main purpose to drive away all bad ghosts (who are allegedly frightened by music).

The most impressive part here was again kindness of people in Taiwan and their interests toward foreigner visitors. The Italian SayTaiwan guest Fabiano and I, received hundreds of smiles of festival’s visitors during the night. Even two singers were wondering “where the foreigners are from”, commenting it and waving us from the stage. After that, I was sure that this people from Taiwan are the heartiest and the simpliest I have ever met.

The same was happening today too during the whole day. For example, in the Bank of Taiwan, officials were amazed by me (only because I am foreigner) and gave me as a gift one special edition of Taiwanese dollars.

To be continued…


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