Taiwan 4

The days are passing very quickly here in Taiwan! In the same manner Monday, as my fourth day in Taiwan, arrived ( and passed ) amazingly quickly.

The last Monday was relaxing day for free hanging out activities. I and my brother went in the morning to city Chiayi. It is capital of the same named region (County) of Taiwan. We could name it as “small Taiwan” since Chiayi County is home of 3 of 8 National Parks in country and region between high mountains and ocean. Thanks to such geography, Chiayi County manages to develop agriculture and tourism as well.

One good example is pastery shop we visited in the end of day. This small family business produces different sweets products and as I have checked, the most of these ingredients  are produced in this part of country. Although, some of these sweets have a strange combination of tastes (according with our European criterions) I bought two packs of them. One for my host father who adores them and second for my family in Bosnia (I am not sure they will like them, at least those with mixed salty-sweaty flavor).

By travelling next to rice fields (no problems with floods definitely), I noticed mountain ranges as one of the main symbol of this County. But, visiting one part of these mountain range was scheduled for the next day.

Furthermore, our first task was exchanging money. Since I didn’t do it at airport I had to wait next working day in order to have acceptable cash money. The Bank of Taiwan was our destination and it was my first encounter with business in Taiwan (at least as the simpliest costumer).  The Bank of Taiwan has a special privileges of the Taiwan dollar issuing, which was gaining just after the Japanese surrender 1945. In the same manner, same as Taiwanese historical experience the Bank of Taiwan has recorded it’s the most important changes in different historical circumstances (for example: firstly, the status of Taiwanese Central Bank, the Bank of Taiwan receives under the Japanese Government in 1899 and secondly, today it is the biggest symbol of rapid Taiwanese – mainland Chinese economic cooperation).

The officials were very excited about the fact that I am foreigner. We chatted briefly and they gave me a gift one special coin of Taiwanese dollar.  Additionally, I was astonished with very strange water glasses in bank. This paper made glasses look more like post envelope, than water glass but after a brief instructions by my host brother I manage to quench a thirst with it. The main conclusion was – if these water paper glasses were not practical, innovative Taiwanese would not apply them in one public space, like a bank is.

Next, our destinations were shops in the Chiayi city centre. Again I was amazed with people’s interests to foreigners. Their simplicity and kindness was “the ideal opening ticket” for conversation. In the most cases language barrier was a main obstacle for a deeper conversation, but Taiwanese people’s simplicity wins everything.

When we finished with all scheduled duties for Monday, we headed to my host house. My host mother was waiting on us with the great dinner. We needed to eat well in order to catch enough energy for night fishing. Although my result was one huge NULL I spent again wonderful time with my dear and simple friends from Taiwan.

Taiwan, 16.08.2011.


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  1. Great story! And I`m sure your family from Republic of Srpska will like the sweets you bought … 🙂
    Looking forward to your new adventures!

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