Taiwan 6

Finally, day for my visit of Taipei arrived. As the economic, cultural and political center of Taiwan, Taipei City has everything what every big city center posses, but more too. These more is mainly related to a perfect organization of every functional aspect of city. So, for example the Taipei Metro is the best one I have ever seen. Everything is fully automatized at the highest rank, passengers absolutely aware about the queuing, and the most amazing fact: the Taipei Metro is as much as clear as one for example  the clearest house in Taiwan. I can’t even guess how employees manage to keep so high the level of cleanliness in metro but I am sure that significant contribution has a prohibition of any food or drink consumption in metro.

The Taipei Metro

One more very interesting point is way of ticket selling – since the process is completely cybernated and easy to be cheated I am sure that many people in other countries would find a way to “have a free ride”. But the Taiwanese people proved again high morale and discipline, respecting all rules, service and property of another people.

I and my host brother arrived in Taipei by the Taiwan High Speed Rail. As a clear symbol of every developed society and its need for more efficient and quicker way of transportation, Taiwan managed to connect its north with the northern cities with the highest possible way. The German and Japanese cooperation with the local Government, brought the best result in the shape of High Speed Railway System which connects two edges of country in less than 1,5 hours (instead of more than five with the classic Railway system). At speed till 300 km/h, a passenger can enjoy full comfort and again unbelievable level of cleanness.

In Taiwan High Speed Rail

Next, my main goal of this day was the activity “One day manager” in the famous Taiwanese brand of pick-up drinks “ShareTea”.   Established in 1992, Sharetea is a chain store specializing in takeaway teas with close to 200 outlets in the world today. It offers different kind of Chinese tea in many different shapes and it was a great experience to learn how some of these beverages are prepared.  First of all, I have to emphasize that I was very lucky since it was very hard to be selected for this activity organized for only five persons during five days. And, it was useful to see practically again that only proven processes of business can lead one company (and every other organization) to success.

”One day manager” in ShareTea

More concrete, every beverage had an exact amount of ingredients and time of preparation. After completing two kinds of tea preparations, I passed to costumer part. It was really enjoyable having a fun with young Chinese. Especially, their shame when I was starting to speak with them and again their simplicity. But, it didn’t last too much and it was end of this fantastic opportunity in which had happened something almost more incredible. During my “Sharetea: activity I met one guy who knew everything about Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was so amazed by my country of origin that he gave me 30 euro. Money in red envelope in Chinese culture is way of wishing good luck to guests. When we became fb friends, I saw that he is the Harvard University Graduate and international profile. Thanks to God to one more amazing experience and one new extraordinary friend.

Incredible encounter in Taipei

 …And certification by real ShareTea manager

Last but not least, my host brother had many friends in Taipei too. With his two male one and female friend, we went out in one traditional Chinese restaurant. Very good fish meal helped us to win hungry and spend nice time in chatting about different subject. Again, nothing less hearty and kindly didn’t happen. Chinese friends again made my day with their unlimited hospitality, generosity and simplicity.

Dinner with dear Chinese friends

P.S. Can you guess what is this?

….Answer in the next blog update! 😉


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