Taiwan 7

Thursday, 18.08. actually started  very strangely, the same strangely as my last blog update has finished. Before I start describing the most interesting moments of this day, I have to admit that anyone did not answer me rightly on questions in my last blog update. 😉 So, when you come to China you must know that red color here symbolizes “Good luck” and in this case the written scores on those red cards “God Luck” of all students who successfully passed exams thanks to the private school which promotes these scores. Something similar is when private schools in Greece promote good results of their students on different tests (English, GMAT…) but plus here in Taiwan scores are written in red big papers.

Since we had less than two hours available, I and my host brother decided to visit the biggest tour attraction of Taipei. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is located in the heart of Taipei City Center and today is the most visited destination in Taiwan.

As a clear combination of modern and traditional Chinese architecture the Hall represents the gratitude of people toward Chiang Kai – Shek achievement and vision. As we mentioned in the first my Taiwanese blog, after the WW II the Party Kuomintang didn’t accept the Communist model of state organization. By understanding disastrous consequences of communism, Chiang Kai – shek became the first President of new formed country Republic of China (Taiwan). His and vision of all people who came from China in the beginning of 50s of 20th century, was model based on democracy – ethic – science. This three principles are written above the statue of Chiang Kai-shek, above two elite soldiers who guard the Hall.

Additionally, it was very interesting to see the whole process of soldiers’ exchange. Although every of them spents 5 hours of permanent standing (in the extremely hot and humid weather conditions), their exchange ceremony is equally impressive.

Inside the same walls, the Taiwanese Music Hall is located with an impressive building as the perfect expression of Chinese traditional architecture.

In the end, I don’t need even to mention that the whole Hall’s spaces of impressive 250,000 square meters are perfectly organized and clear. Again, it proves that the strong organization, planning and hard working can to achieve everything!



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