Taiwan 8

As one of three main axes of development in Taiwan, the high technology required the most efficient organization and visional plan for future. As a proven concept of centralized park for one big number of High-Tech companies,  the Government of Taiwan established the Hsinchu Scienc Park in 1980 – today’s the biggest one between another eight in other parts of Taiwan.

Thanks to SayTaiwan host, Christine from Hsinchu City we had a privilege to familiarize and get more information about the organizational, functional and economical aspect of the Hsinchu Science Park. Perfectly organized and planed tour through the Park’s Administration building and museum, helped us to understand the significant impact of one such organization to state economy.

With Christina in front of Hsinchu Science Park

Small first chat with the official HSP guide

By having in mind that every company in High-Tech business branched must be located near “knowledge center” and actively cooperate with another companies, more than 400 business organizations and businesses have already establihed their official offices, factories or research laboratories in the Hsinchu Science Park.

As it is explained by kind guide, a company which wants to be located in the Park must present a clear future plan of research and/or production in order to assure future productivity and active innovative approach of Park.

One impressive fact says that the Hsinchu Science Park has more than 100,000 permanent employees (of different profession) with the average age of impressive 33 years. This fact shows unambiguously what a positive impacts it has on the Taiwanese economy.

I was listening carefully very interesting guidance about the Park (with my Greek Delegation’s t-shirt from the Seliger 2011)

Additionally, the Hsinchu Scienece Park is not only place with organizations concentrated on success and innovation.  One important area of Park is transformed to a wonderful natural space together with small artificial lake, which contributes to the ideal conditions for those about 1000 workers who reside around in the area of Science Park.

As the locomotive engine of the island’s high-tech technology, the Hsinchu Science Park has helped significantly in promoting the local economy and was pushing force behind Taiwan’s world–famous economic miracle in the last 30 years.

Getting to know the Park’s results

Hours after the “High-Tech lecture” we spent with Christina and her small daughter, riding a bike next to the ocean.  It was really funny to try my first sentences in Chinese with the 5 – year’s old girl. Anyway, my Mandarin accent was at least excellent source of joy for her.

The architecture model for decoration of ocean beach here were the Eastern Orthodox Churches what was pretty interesting for me. So, I could see the famous ring statue from the Greek islands and famous church shapes.

The Eastern Orthodox Christianity architecture near ocean in Hsinchu

For evening, one more extraordinary experience! Since my host brother has a lot of friends in every part of Taiwan, it was not a problem at all to find place to overnight in Hsinchu City. One more encounter with a Taiwanese family was really unique experience for me, since I am again treated like an official diplomatic delegation’s member of one country. All their kindness and simplicity will always carved in my mind as the most strongest memory from Taiwan.

Benny’s family (friend of my host brother)



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