Taiwan 9

This day started off with WII games. This completely new approach to a concept of video games has become extremely popular when Nintendo realized the new generation of games, called WII. Main purpose of this effort was simulation of real game as much as possible. Since the family we visited last night had a WII game system,  I tried to compete hardly in tennis, bowling and box. I was amazed how the WII managed to reach almost real simulation by taking into account all elements of game (for example: strength of ball shooting in tennis, or box movement during a battle). Although it was my first time ever I have tried this kind of game, I won in some matches. For example after much real perspiration I knocked out my host brother and won that box WII match.

Next, after the last and the most tiring game, my temporary host family in Hsinchu brought me to the city center where we visited one of the FOOD MALLs in order to find one good meal. Here it is important to explain, that Asia abounds with food center where one can find many different kind of food in the same floor area.

We greeted my dear friends in Hsinchu and headed to Miaoli County, about 120 km southern from Taipei. Our destination there was the Taiyen Salt Factory, an impressive example of Chinese innovativeness. Can you imagine that this factory only had an ocean and today they produce all these products based on salt:

 High quality salt 

Salt sculptures – which increase the revenue one thousand times

Water enriched by iodine


And in the end they didn’t know what to do with rest of salt production, and Taiyen created one big Salt Mountain which has quickly became a famous touristic attraction.

But amazing Chinese mind, didn’t stop there. By taking into account an incredible positive impacts of salt water to human body, swimming pools with salty water are created in the area of factory. This facility attracts many tourists which directly helps to higher demands of other Taiyen products.

Really incredible combination of innovativeness and quality!

Next destination Kaoshiung City, the second biggest in Taiwan with my host brother and sisters!



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