Taiwan 10

New day started off too salty again! As I mentioned in the last post, the Salt Factory is so innovative that it uses every single kilo of salt in creating different products. The waste doesn’t exist for them! But that was not all. Except of nowaday’s touristic attraction the Salt Mountain, very famous touristic dessert is a salty ice-cream. I didn’t like it at all, but people around me (mainly natives) enjoyed their “sweets”.

In the Salt Kingdom

Furthermore, food was everywhere and my host sister explained me that Tainan is famous for different mainly meat kind of food. Despite this fact we decided to have a lunch in the local Italian restaurant in order to taste something from Europe. One of six local Universities is located very near from the restaurant and together with them atmosphere, posters and sounds were in youth style.

Handsome girl is looking for room-mate…

Next, one special surprise for me was all-inclusive supply in the Tainan Market. The innovative Chinese mind created and offered almost every kind of snacks and small products. A free competitions and dominant tendency for creating something new, contributed to a huge diversity of products and food on the market.Some of them are:

Strange but extremely innovative and useful plastic staff for closing plastic bags…

“Home protector” dragon (all shops offer different kind of small sculptures inspired by this one)

New way of walking around

In the same manner, the concept of Night Market is extremely popular not only in Taiwan, but in all Asian countries.

The Kaohsiung Night Market

A main idea is to offer almost every kind of local food with good prices and quality. Before this experience, I could never imagine that the Chinese cuisine is so rich, since more than 400 different meals were there. Although our European taste is not accustomed on the most kind of food here, I managed to find some of them as completely new and with acceptably good taste. But, the most extreme and strange were: some kind of salty food made by chicken or pork blood or soups with strange ingredients. But since I am sure that everything comes from our mind and taste of food is mainly defined by characteristic we prescribe to it, all these tastes can be learnt and accepted as normal after one period of time.



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