Taiwan 12

Although, only few hours left more to be spent with my host family they took care again that even these last hours were filled with great moments and entertainment.

Last night in our beloved Yunlin County was actually similar as we have started. Three host families organized a farewell dinner for us in one very nice Chinese restaurant (the same as the barbeque party as our welcome event to Taiwan). But since we were hurrying very much, we made some photos in front of my host family.

Here is one with my host mother and father

As the best summarization of our stay with our hosts, this dinner had a plenty jokes and funny memories we all remembered and enjoyed in them.

But the equal funny was toasting with our host families as the expression of our deep gratitude for every wonderful moment we spent together with them.

The first ‘cheers’ with host mothers

Then the second ‘cheers’ with host fathers…

…and the last one with grandfather

CONCLUSION: The Taiwanese beer can be strong!

During the lunch and after than photographing, my host brother was again briliant with his sense of humour. I could not understand any single word of it, but I saw people laughing very much. But I guessed that the main jokes were all ours we have experienced during our nine days we spent together. 😉

Three guests with their complete host families

My dear host family and two another guest

In the pastry shop, where we have started our Taiwanese experience too


My hosts bought me my favorite Chinese pine  pie and gave me them with a strong wish to change my country. Some gifts were from the pastry shop too.


God bye, Yunlin – our home in the last 9 days! Your people’s simplicity conquered my heart! God bye, my dear family!



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  1. Louis says:

    What a night! I like your blog!

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