Taiwan 14

“Every begging has one end!”. The same for our unforgettable experience from Taiwan!

In the morning 250 international guests met the Vice President of Taiwan Mr Vincent Siew. As a nominee of the Kuomintang Party Mr Siew became a Vice President in 2008 and one interesting thing for him is that he had decided to study in Taiwan, despite a successful application to the Harvard University. Second interesting fact is that Mr Siew’s constant smile has earned him the affectionate nickname “Smiling Siew”.

In the Presidental Palace we enjoyed in national costumes from every corner of the Earth. Here are some of them:

Traditional clothing from Papua, Serbia and Nauru

USA, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro, Latin America…

In the evening the SayTaiwan organized the most unforgettable night of all our experience in Taiwan – gala dinner in the best hotel in Taiwan, The Grand Hotel Taipei.

Source: Wikipedia

After Chiang Kai-shek‘s retreat to Taiwan in 1949, serious problem how to accommodate all foreign diplomats due to lack of five stars hotel in Taiwanin that time arose up. The hotel’s roof is constructed in Chinese style together with every floor representing every Chinese dynasty. Additionally, numerous decorative dragons and lions contribute even more to high representative value of the Grand Hotel in Taipei.

Programs was perfect! We enjoyed in the the finest performance of Chinese artist, amazing humor of two presenter as well as short stories of some hosts and their international guests about their common experience from last two weeks.

But as the best ending of our whole Taiwan experience was five minutes video which presented the best moments of almost all international guests which they spent with their host families.

In the end: Taiwan and its people will always stay in my heart. I will not and can’t never forget their simplicity, friendly attitude and all hospitality given to us. Many thank to Taiwanese Government making my dream real. Also, thanks to my dear host family for making every minute spent with them as with my own family. And, in the end thanks to my dear host brother Ichao for all effort to make my Taiwanese experience so amazing. We spent 13 days together and that is something that I will always remember as some of the most beautiful days in my life. Thanks brother for high quality pictures too!

Thanks again for everything especially for experiencing your struggle for freedom and your country’s successes. These things and your simplicity and greatness will be my eternal inspiration!


P.S. Two phto albums from my whole trip in Taiwan can be found here:

1. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150260056613990.331036.627243989&type=1&l=7e489a0956

2. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150286273818990.337821.627243989&type=1&l=954ead6d42


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