About me

Dear friends,

I am Milenko Pilic and I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I finished High School four years ago. In 2007 I received a scholarship from the Government of Greece and since 2008 I have been studying economics in Thessaloniki.

Now it is a high time to change my method of stories writing!

Since I was sending my travel and different another stories through e-mail to my friends during almost four last years, I think that these improvements are really crucial. Especially, this 2011. year brought to me some interesting trips, this blog will be our e-meeting point and one perfect place for all my followers to travel with me, share an opinion and establish our future cooperation.

My first posts will be devoted to some of my the best experiences in the last four years.

Best wishes,

Milenko PILIĆ


3 Responses to About me

  1. alma savic says:

    :)) Taiwan 3 mora da ima više fotografija!!! poZz

  2. kimon says:

    wraios o milenko !!

  3. Welcome to Taiwan 🙂 Ja sam Slovenac, koji živi ovdje. Želim ti sve najbolje i mnogo lepih trenutaka 🙂

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